Barbershops, Beauty and Nail Salons Reopen in a COVID-19 World

As stylists, barbers, and nail technicians return to work on a national scale; you may be hesitant to make a much-needed appointment. For the first time since the pandemic started, you will now be within six feet of another person for at least 30 minutes and up to three hours at a time.

Each state is treating these retail entities differently. Georgia opened everything all at once at the end of April, while California is just reopening these businesses. Maine and Ohio fell in the middle, with a May 15 date.

However, do not expect your favorite salon to look the same upon your return to it. Gone are the days of packed waiting rooms filled with magazines and beverages. Stations are at least six feet apart. Plexiglass is in the shampoo area. Everyone will be masked up, including you.

While all these rules and regulations may seem a bit unnerving, here are five thoughts to take into consideration when making your next appointment.


Common Sense COVID-19 Reopen Salon Tips


First, review the company’s website for their safety procedures or ask for a copy BEFORE making your appointment.
Your safety is paramount, so make sure you feel comfortable with their new policies. For a comprehensive list of what Ohio businesses must do, please read our Part 1 blog post.

Second, stop by for a safety visit.
About a week before your appointment, go to the salon and witness first-hand their practices. Do they have their policies on the front door? Is everyone masked? What does the waiting room look like?

Third, ask for the first or last appointment of the day.
Many salons and barbershops are altering employee schedules to allow for far fewer individuals. In Ohio, salons are required to have elderly guest hours.

Fourth, keep your appointment as short as possible.
If you usually get a color, cut, and style, break your appointment up into two dates. For a cut, wash your hair ahead of time and nix the styling. Consider the DIY approach for color or make an appointment for only that. For nails, you also will want to break up your services into either a manicure or pedicure, but not both.

Fifth, if you notice violations, report them to your county’s health department. They will visit, and if infractions have occurred, the salon will shut them down until it’s within the code. For a complete listing of the Responsible RestartOhio mandatory practices for Hair Salons, Day Spas, Nail Salons, Barbershops Tanning Facilities, Tattoo Services, and Body Piercing establishments, click here.


In conclusion, as the Governor starts to reopen shuttered businesses, it’s vital you feel safe. Here are other SACS Consulting COVID-19 related blog posts:



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