Retailers Beware: Medical Masked Patrons May Be Looking to Rob You

Undoubtedly, we are in scary times with COVID-19.

With more and more closings and more and more coronavirus outbreaks, some individuals are taking extra precautions to wear masks and/or gloves everywhere they go.

Even though the CDC and WHO have stated several times that only those who are sick should wear masks, a subset of the everyday public isn’t listening. As the number of infections continues to rise, you will encounter more masked individuals, especially in retail establishments.

However, a few will take this opportunity to steal from store owners because these masks provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts you should follow if you own, manage, or work at a retail store.

DON’T ask people to take off their masks.
First, they won’t do it. Second, they have every right to wear one.

DO post a sign that no hoodies, sunglasses, or hats are allowed inside the premises.
It’s within your rights. With this provision, the entire face won’t be covered, and if you have to identify the person, you’ll have somewhat of a chance to be accurate. Be sure to enforce this policy with store employees or hire a security detail to do so.

DON’T follow them around the store.
Again, this masked person has every right to be at your establishment. Treat them in a way you would any guest.

DO be on the lookout for details of the medical masked patrons.
Right now, you may have one to three masked individuals in your store at a given time. Be on the lookout for details, such as the color of their hair, tattoos, height, weight, jewelry, color, and type of face mask or unusual clothing.

DON’T limit it to masks – people might use scarves or handkerchiefs.
Since the supplies of medical masks are scare, individuals are using everyday accessories to cover their mouths and nose. Again, take note, especially if they wear these items throughout their entire time in your store.

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