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SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., offers an array of consulting services, security assessments, early intervention programs, educational materials and training programs. Our proven methods of workplace training have been created using a time-tested system of highly developed best practices that produce superior results for your organization. SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., has expertise in:

  • Corporate Management and Employee Training
  • Consulting on Security Issues
  • Customized Services for Corporate, Education and Non-Profit
  • Human Resource and Employee Resolutions
  • Investigative and Surveillance Services
  • Physical and Financial Assets Tracking
  • Physical Security and Vulnerability Assessments

Republican National Convention, Cleveland, OH 2016

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. is honored to have been one of the largest private security contractors for the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, Ohio.

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