COVID-19 + Professional Security Guards = Calmer Patrons

Over the last few weeks and as long as shelter-in-place is in effect, tensions and emotions can run high at grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies. With a limited number of people allowed into stores, patrons may have to wait outside in the cold, blustery weather. Banks no longer have lobby hours, and you must make an appointment to come in. Pharmacies are experiencing long lines where keeping social distancing intact has become problematic.

In each of these situations,  professional security guards can help maintain order and keep your employees and patrons safe. They are trained in crowd control and have experienced almost any situation you can think of happening. They ultimately deter crime because they can respond quickly to any issue.

Most of all, they can be valuable allies for your business because they are always on the lookout for out of place behavior. For example, while many individuals are now wearing masks, a security guard will take note of the height, weight, hair color, and dress each mask wearer as they enter your place, in case that person robs your establishment.

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Four Key Roles of Security Guards in the Age of COVID-19


  1. Enforce Social Distancing.
    Whether individuals are waiting outside or are within your business, guards can ask people to spread further apart.
  2. Ensure Orderly Pick-Up Lines.
    If your restaurant is offering carry-out and only one person is allowed in the restaurant at a time, patrons will need to line up and wait their turn. This is also true with banking when two different parties expect access into the lobby at the same time (one has an appointment, the other does not). Keeping orderly lines will free you up from managing the crowd and allow individuals to move more quickly through the process.
  3. Defuse Situations.
    Trained enforcement officers can turn angry, emotional patrons into patient ones. They can offer options a person may not have considered. The guards are focused on resolving the issue at hand before it gets out of control.
  4. Attract more Patrons.
    The presence of a professional security guard also attracts more business to your location since customers worry about other patrons getting upset, not following the guidelines, cutting in front of them, and they provide an overall sense of security comfort.


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