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During COVID-19, Empty Buildings Can Be a Haven for Trouble

With a number of non-essential businesses closed, they can be a breeding ground for criminal activity. With the combined effort of security guards and cameras, your business and remaining employees will feel safer.

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COVID-19 + Professional Security Guards = Calmer Patrons

Over the last few weeks and as long as shelter-in-place is in effect, tensions and emotions can run high at grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies. With a limited number of people allowed into stores, patrons may have to wait outside in the cold, blustery weather. Banks no longer have lobby hours, and you must make …

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Security Cameras and Security Guards at Large Events

Security Cameras + Security Guards Make for a Much Safer Event

This is a guest blog post by Andy Wendt, Vice President of Rentacomputer.com When running a large event, security is most prominent on your mind. While personnel can be your “boots on the ground” and video surveillance can give you an overall view of the event, it’s important to budget BOTH options for the best …

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