Security Cameras + Security Guards Make for a Much Safer Event

This is a guest blog post by Andy Wendt, Vice President of

When running a large event, security is most prominent on your mind. While personnel can be your “boots on the ground” and video surveillance can give you an overall view of the event, it’s important to budget BOTH options for the best all-around safety of your guests.

Since you are most likely familiar with our services, today’s blog post will focus on the types of events these cameras are most useful, the four different kinds available and how video surveillance systems are beneficial.

Short-term Camera Rentals for Events

Video surveillance is highly recommended at:

  • Music Festivals: Where maintaining order and preventing crime is paramount, especially when alcohol is involved
  • Political demonstrations: Where tensions may be high, depending on the subject
  • Rallies: Often teemed with passion
  • Major sporting events: The need for crowd control and identification of criminal acts
  • Outdoor events: Hard to oversee, especially with limited security detail

These types of events are the perfect storm for potential problems. Large crowds, high tensions and alcohol can make the crowd’s actions often unpredictable.

Four Type of Cameras

Body cameras are used to assist in conflict resolution and ensure personal safety. They are most likely used on security guards and law enforcement.

Bullet cameras are small and shaped like a rifle bullet shell or lipstick case, homing in on a specific location like a concert stage.

Dome cameras can be used in day or night, under any weather conditions and because they are perched up high, can give you a total overview of the situation.

Pan–Tilt–Zoom (PTZ) cameras are capable of remote directional and zoom control.

These units can be Internet Protocol (IP) or Analog. The difference between the two are highlighted here:

Attribute IP Camera Analog Camera
Camera Resolution 1-8 Megapixel .5 Megapixel
Recording Resolution 1920 x 1080 basic
3264 x 2448 advanced
320 x 240 basic

800 x 600 advanced

Large Field of Vision Yes No
Mobile Notifications Yes No
Automatic Recording Yes No
Compatible with NVR Yes No
Power over Ethernet Switch Yes No
Cloud Storage Yes No


In my opinion, IP cameras deliver the best solution for short-term security camera rentals because they offer excellent video display, can zoom in on the target and print with photo quality.

How Security Works Together

For your event, you want highly trained security persons who understands all the ins and outs of the cameras. Depending on the system you chose, security can be patrolling the premises while viewing activity from their smartphones.

But, without the presence of both personnel and cameras, it is hard to effectively control criminal activity. For example, individuals can elude cameras (especially if they are stationary) and a security guard can only see what’s in their line of sight.

A good event has both systems in place for maximum protection of the host and the crowd.

Camera Systems Have Changed

While we often think of security cameras as old, clunky systems tied to a VCR or DVD, the current models are anything but this. The newer IP cameras have:

  • Motion sensors
  • Automatic smartphone notifications
  • Immediate law enforcement alerts
  • Cloud storage and
  • Affordable rental pricing

Five Video Surveillance System Benefits

  1. Deters criminal activity
  2. Helps law enforcement win court cases
  3. Improve employee and volunteer accountability with time management and shrinkage
  4. Monitors crowds and determine where security needs to go if anger is spilling over to something more destructive
  5. Potentially reduce your insurance premium because you have taken all necessary precautions Has What You Need for Your Event

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