Boomerang Employees on the Rise

In years past, leaving a job most likely meant that an employee would never be rehired at that company — a phenomenon known as burning bridges. But that is not the case anymore in most organizations.  Finding good talent is more challenging so many companies are making an effort to keep in touch with former employees. After all, the grass is not always greener on the other side. A recent study of HR professionals found that 76 percent were more amenable to being boomerang employees.

Rehiring is Less Time-Consuming

Besides the benefit of knowing that you’ve hired a good candidate, rehiring a candidate is less time-consuming than hiring a new employee. This is particularly true for large companies that experience workforce turnover. These “boomerang” employees have often left the organization for personal reasons, rather than from dissatisfaction with the job.

To make this “welcome back with open arms” policy effective, HR needs to ensure that their boarding and re-onboarding process is handled in a positive manner.

Hiring Managers Should Use Caution

Still, hiring managers need to be careful not to simply rehire a former employee because it’s the easiest route to filling a position. Be sure to evaluate all resources. What’s more, the loyalty question will always remain. Think about the reasons why the employee left in the first place to determine if they are a strong candidate for rehire – and keep your options open.

Mitigate Risk with Sound HR Policies and Procedures

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. can mitigate your risk with sound HR policies and procedures to improve workplace culture, help prevent disagreements and to make certain everyone is treated equally. When considering a candidate for re-hire, we can help your organization develop and document workplace hiring to firing policies to ensure the right decision is determined.  Contact us at 330-255-1101 for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our HR specialists.