The Unmistakable Benefits of Job Shadowing

Ready for a change in your career? If you are, but are hesitant to take the necessary steps, consider “trying it on” for a period of time. This is called “job shadowing” and it’s not just for apprentices and school-aged children anymore.

How Job Shadowing Works

Traditionally done by middle school, high school or college-aged students, job shadowing is also a viable way for established job seekers to determine whether to change jobs and/or careers. It acts as an expanded informational interview lasting anywhere from one hour, to a week or longer depending on what is mutually agreed upon.

Job shadowing only works when an organization allows a potential job candidate to truly experience the ins and outs of a job. It is imperative for the shadowee to be fully engaged as well.  If done correctly, job shadowing has unmistakable benefits to both parties.

Benefits for the Potential Employee

  • Experience the company culture
  • Gain insight into realistic job requirements/duties
  • Get a feel of the style of leadership (top down, collaborative, servant etc.)
  • Opportunity to “get a foot in the door”
  • Ability to observe the group dynamic if the position requires team participation and/or collaboration
  • Obtain a truly fruitful internship experience, in place of errand boy/girl roles

The key is for the shadower to ask a lot of questions and not be too passive during the engagement. Otherwise, the opportunity to gain useful insight into a job or unfamiliar career path will still be unknown after the job shadowing period ends.

It is also advisable for the person who is interested in shadowing to:

  • Research and identify companies that meet specific career aspirations
  • Contact companies where you have a contact or can be introduced to a contact by a mutual acquaintance
  • Be honest about your intentions before shadowing one of their employees
  • Set clear guidelines for the duration and expectations regarding insight you hope to gain during the process

Benefits for the Employer

  • Opportunity to determine how the potential candidate interacts within the company culture
  • Ability to observe how the potential employee problem-solves and works with others currently working within the organization
  • Enables an organization to thoroughly onboard a new employee by establishing a mentor/mentee relationship at the beginning of employment
  • Can be leveraged as on-the-job training for employees moving into a new role within the organization

Overall, job shadowing can be thought of as a “try before you buy” experience. Hiring someone that was not thoroughly vetted for a position is a losing proposition for the potential employee AND employer. Job shadowing provides much needed insight to ensure the position fits the employee and the employee fits the company.

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