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Go Beyond Exiting Employees with Offboarding

Most employers have a process for exiting employees when they leave the organization. However, what about offboarding? When an employee makes their impending departure known, an employer should embrace it as an opportunity rather than an obligation. Especially in today’s digital world, employers should go beyond exiting employees with offboarding. Offboard, Not Exit When an …

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Bad Manager is Like a Fish Rotting from the Head

How to Spot and Stop a Bad Manager Before It’s Too Late

Ever heard the term “Fish rots from the head”? This is a simple saying that has a powerful meaning when applied to a failing organization. Basically, it means the cause of failure comes from bad management or the “heads” of the organization. Once the head starts to “rot” efforts to turn things around are often …

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Signing an Employee Contract

Does Your Organization Really Want to Require Noncompete Agreements?

More and more employers are requiring their workforce to sign legally binding agreements that prevent workers from leaving the company and going to work for competitors. These types of agreements are called noncompete agreements. However, employers that require employees to sign noncompete agreements should take a moment to consider the impact these types of documents …

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Retain Employees, man walking, employee

How to Retain Employees

When a skilled, valued employee leaves an organization, everyone loses, including the bottom line. In fact, the average cost of turning over a skilled job is 213% the cost of one year’s salary. Translation, if an employee who earns $50,000 a year quits, the organization will spend $106,500 on replacing that salary. The bottom line …

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Job Shadowing, workplace, two people

The Unmistakable Benefits of Job Shadowing

Ready for a change in your career? If you are, but are hesitant to take the necessary steps, consider “trying it on” for a period of time. This is called “job shadowing” and it’s not just for apprentices and school-aged children anymore. How Job Shadowing Works Traditionally done by middle school, high school or college-aged …

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