How Private Investigators Resolve Sensitive Situations

Most people think of private investigators regarding movies or television shows. These fictional PI’s are usually the focal point to help a damsel in distress solve an awkward personal situation found in suspense novels. However, in the real world, a licensed private investigator helps people research, monitor and compile unbiased facts to resolve sensitive situations the average citizen or small business does not have the workforce or knowledge to achieve.


The essential quality of a licensed private investigator is confidentiality. If there is a sensitive issue that needs to be researched, analyzed, and reported upon, private investigators conduct their tasks under the radar. Often, doing research on your own or tasking an employee to look into something “suspect” can put you and them into an awkward position. It can also compromise the findings since you or the employee cannot serve as an unbiased resource for the information.

Most private citizens and businesses only think of licensed private investigators regarding missing persons, asset tracking, infidelity cases, or background checks. However, they are also essential when addressing situations such as:

Licensed private investigators have the firsthand experience to resolve the issue in a legally binding way.


The best licensed private investigators know how to find the facts either through years of investigative experience or from a previous position in law enforcement. It is crucial to know:

  1. Who to contact
  2. What information is key to record/report upon
  3. When is the best time to speak with witnesses, and research or gather viable pieces of evidence
  4. Where to look for pertinent items and facts
  5. How to professionally gather the information so it can be used to prove a case

Private investigators are well-versed specialists in information gathering, organization, and preparation for legal proceedings. So, if you lack the time and human resources to get to the heart of a sensitive situation, the decision to hire a licensed private investigator might be the best course of action.

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