SACS Now Offers High-Value Asset Tracking and Investigations

After extensive industry testing, SACS is introducing a new method of tracking and recovering high-value assets. Financial asset tracking can be helpful in many cases including but not limited to divorce, child support, new business ventures, unpaid receivables and collections of judgments.

For collections involving very large financial debts, SACS achieves results at three times the industry average through our NEW proprietary system, which is a combined result of our proven proprietary techniques and improved databases.

Our newly created databases and tracking procedures are based on years of experience in law enforcement, military intelligence, and comprehensive Internet research. This process has proven to be much more efficient than current location methods.

There are three pricing options for high-value asset tracking. Clients may choose from a flat fee, a fee plus a percentage, or a customized flat fee discount for a large number of targets and debts.

In addition to our capabilities for high-value asset recovery, SACS also offers a unique system for collecting smaller debts (NSF) for retailers and service industries. Our system monitors bank accounts for newly deposited funds that can be immediately retrieved to satisfy the debts. The service fee is automatically retrieved from the debtor’s bank account resulting in no cost to client.

SACS Knows High-Value Asset Tracking and Investigations

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services can help you with our new method of tracking and recovering high-value assets. Call 330-255-1101 to speak with one of our Investigative Services professionals today!