How Employee Experience Can Attract and Retain Talent

Is your organization struggling to find and keep quality employees? Historically the professional world has focused upon the customer/client experience. A happy customer means a happy company after all, right? Well, yes and no. With the talent pool shrinking for specific skill sets, organizations must pay attention to a growing differential called employee experience. We live in a world where a happy customer AND employee means a happy company.

EX Defined

Everyone has heard of customer experience (CX). This is defined as the comprehensive experience a paying customer has from the first point of contact to the last (i.e. the customer life cycle). The overall goal of CX is to develop a loyal customer who will provide residual income to the organization.

What organizations tend to forget is that employees are their first and most important customers. So why hasn’t employee experience (EX) been treated as a life cycle? Unlike customers, employees are integral to all aspects of the organization, not just the bottom line and reputation.

EX is not just employee satisfaction and/or engagement either. Although those are key components, EX is the sum of all interactions an employee has with an employer.

It is built upon three factors:

  1. Location
  2. Tools
  3. Culture


Salary is not enough to find and retain talent these days. Organizations must provide the right work “space”, technology and environment to attract and retain productive employees. If not, they must be prepared to be passed up by potential talent and/or invest time and money in a new employee only to see them leave the organization before producing results.


Going to the office should not be a depressing prospect. The physical space must be nice and meet the needs of all the employees. However, organizations today should consider non-traditional “locations” to attract and keep good talent.

Research has shown that candidates desire flexible work hours and the option to work from home when applicable. Of course, remote work is not an option for brick and mortar businesses that require face-to-face contact with customers and/or vendors. However, for organizations where telecommuting is possible, it could sway a skilled candidate to accept the job offer.


Could a chef quickly and safely chop vegetables with a dull knife? No. The same goes for the “office” employee. Unless you are off grid in the wilderness, the fabric of our lives is technology.

Nothing is more frustrating to an employee, no matter the level, than technology-related issues at work. If the network goes down and/or the laptop crashes, frustration levels go through the roof. We are convenience-driven, and the workplace is not the exception. To keep the employee experience smooth sailing, organizations must do everything in their power to make sure all employees are equipped with fast, updated and accessible tools to get the job done without headaches.


Is your organization a positive or toxic place to work? If unsure, the first step is to find out. Gone are the days where company-generated PR covers up incidents of harassment, bullying and/or employee unhappiness. Candidates (and organizations) have several online sources to find out the true culture of an organization by reading anonymous employee reviews.

Seek the truth by putting organizational ego aside and find out how employees really feel. After all, if the culture is toxic, an organization may get them in the door, but they will not stay. The result is a significant loss of time, money and reputation.

A positive EX is not achieved with perks and parties, but a comprehensive approach to the entire employee experience within an organization: from first contact as a recruit, to the last contact during the exit interview. In between, organizations must seek and encourage employee feedback, constantly nurturing the employee to be the best they can be by ensuring their happiness.

Need Help Nurturing Employee Experience?

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