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How Employee Experience Can Attract and Retain Talent

Is your organization struggling to find and keep quality employees? Historically the professional world has focused upon the customer/client experience. A happy customer means a happy company after all, right? Well, yes and no. With the talent pool shrinking for specific skill sets, organizations must pay attention to a growing differential called employee experience. We …

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How to Create a Work Culture with Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment

Since the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct story broke in recent weeks, corporate America has been forced to refocus on this type of misconduct in a very serious manner. The time for looking the other way or subconsciously accepting sexually charged overtones as “normal” is over. There are three things that every organization must do to …

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Constructive Feedback in the Workplace

Taking and Giving Constructive Feedback at Work

Have you ever given feedback to a coworker and been met with anger, hurt feelings and/or resentment? Have you ever been provided with feedback and felt attacked, misunderstood, and/or underappreciated? If you have, then you’re not alone. If done incorrectly, providing feedback can be taken the wrong way and barriers will slowly but surely begin …

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How to Create a Positive Company Culture

Where Culture and Purpose Meet The days of the “take-no-prisoners” organization are over. In today’s workforce results fueled by fear is no longer effective. Where culture and purpose meet, you’ll find the most vibrant, successful companies in the modern area. But first it’s important to know why the old way is the bad way. 3 …

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Does Punishment or Positivity Influence Workforce Productivity?

Is it true that you can be pushed into success? That the constant fear of your manager will lead to maximum productivity and longevity at the company? Actually, the opposite it quite true. According to the American Psychological Association, workplaces that are pressure cookers: Have 50% greater health care expenses Experience 60-80% of more workplace accidents …

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