Retain Employees

How to Retain Employees

When a skilled, valued employee leaves an organization, everyone loses, including the bottom line. In fact, the average cost of turning over a skilled job is 213% the cost of one year’s salary. Translation, if an employee who earns $50,000 a year quits, the organization will spend $106,500 on replacing […]

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Cybersecurity Awareness, Data Privacy Day Month from SACS consulting post

Blockchain + Cybersecurity = Ohio SB 220

Senate Bill 220, also known at the Data Protection Act, is currently awaiting Governor Kasich’s signature, which is the last step before it becomes Ohio law. This legislation will provide a legal safe harbor to entities that implement a specified cybersecurity program and will allow transactions and contracts recorded through […]

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Please Do Not Disturb Sign

The End of Do Not Disturb Signs?

Everyone who’s traveled even a little bit is familiar with this practice at hotels –  if you don’t want to be bothered you place a “Do not Disturb” sign on the outside door handle. But that sign may soon become extinct. After the Las Vegas shooter killed 58l by sneaking thousands […]

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