Does Bullying and Harassment Happen Into Adulthood?

As We Close National Bully Prevention Month, Let’s Continue to Be Aware

This blog post was mostly written by one of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. clients, who did not want to be identified for this piece. The quote at the end is directly from them. 

Bullying and harassment can happen at any age in one’s life. In children, this usually occurs in the school environment where social media, technologies, and on-line harassment are a way of life for children of all ages.

In adulthood, this can often happen, and the one that comes to mind is harassment from an ex-spouse or past boyfriend.

What do you do in adulthood when this happens to you? First of all, it depends on your living situation.

In a house setting, you have control- from smart doorbells to the installation of cameras outside your house or even hiring a professional security company.

In a condo or apartment complex, another set of rules apply. You need permission for the installation of any of these devices and must follow the Ohio Revised Codes for each setting not to violate your neighbor’s private space in the common hallways. Most likely their law firms will dictate what can and cannot be allowed by following the bylaws and Homeowners Association rules.

Harassment can go on for a long time. Being single makes you an easy target, and if others think you are quite different from the norm of society.

Aspects no one thinks about: stalking; harassment (i.e., name-calling; making up false stories) can cause stress and depression among each victim.

Bullying is Increasing

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“Bullying – a subset of incivility – is dramatically on the rise,” according to Stuart Muszynski, President and CEO of the Values-in-Action Foundation.

The same things happen as with younger children: labeling (being called crazy, paranoid, a psychopath, or deranged), social isolation – excluded from social events.

The game can go even higher to a new level: stalking (following you around and or in your car  (with either the same person and a coordinated effort of numerous people) and threatening to beat you up in front of a group of people.

However, bullying doesn’t end at the end of your school years – research organizations estimate that 35% of the US workforce is bullied!

A bully can put a tracking device on your car or install hidden cameras where you live, which provides them with an easy way to find you in the grocery store and or where you go throughout the day and night.

Destruction of your house or car by making it look like ‘normal wear and tear’ is something bullies are good at doing.

Bullying is Problematic

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How does this impact an adult? The same as a child. It causes you to lose faith in everything; to hide in your house and not go out; to cry; the stress can cause health issues from mild to severe cases.

According to PSYCOM, long term effects of bullying include:

  • Chronic depression
  • Suicidal thoughts and plans
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Substance abuse and
  • Difficulty with relationships

The one difference is that being an adult is you must deal with the financial consequences (security of your property, the potential of moving to a new environment or hiring a Private Investigator to help).

Can you financially afford this, or do you suffer in silence?

Police Departments will most likely not be helpful to you. You need excellent documentation (video recordings, security cameras, or car cameras)  for any legal process even to start. Very hard to do on your own. Excellent documentation is needed- the date, time of the event, plus all the digital data for a proper case presentation. If you complain or call the police too many times, they will label you a “Mental Case,” which will then follow you to other police departments unless you fight and have your records cleared through an attorney.

The next step is hiring a Private Investigator. As with anything today, you must be savvy and do your research for hiring the proper company. What are their credentials, background, and listing with the Better Business Bureau? These companies range from top-notch to ones that, if you attempt to go with them, will cause you more harm than good.

Ask your questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the company you hire. Just because someone states they are an investigator, they may be ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’

There is a process that goes on. The investigator will interview you to formulate a plan of action for solving your problem. No two cases are alike. It would help if you had patience. Don’t automatically assume you will be able to go through the complete legal process – it may never happen. But with hiring the right company, they will attempt to solve and or de-escalate your problem. They might recommend moving to a new environment and should give your guidance.

Please take this issue seriously in that bullying and harassment can happen in adulthood. People are singled out all the time often for their religious beliefs. Even minor children can play along in the game to make your life miserable.

“The company I hired was SACS Consulting and Investigative Services. They use only licensed Private Investigators. This company has numerous levels of expertise and services at their disposal. Some of their employees are Certified Protective Professionals. (CPPs). Again, do your research and hire the best.”

Please Do Your Part to Stop Bullying

bullying, workplace bullying, stop workplace bullying

Contact SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, 330-255-1101 if you are a victim of bullying. We take every request seriously and will do what is needed to make you feel safe and secure.