medical masked patrons, medical mask, medical masked patrons rob you

Retailers Beware: Medical Masked Patrons May Be Looking to Rob You

Undoubtedly, we are in scary times with COVID-19. With more and more closings and more and more coronavirus outbreaks, some individuals are taking extra precautions to wear masks and/or gloves everywhere they go. Even though the CDC and WHO have stated several times that only those who are sick should wear masks, a subset of …

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cybersecurity, Protect Against Cybercrime

Cybersecurity Hacks That Keep Us Up at Night

If you work in the healthcare field or are concerned about international interference in our country, please read this piece about the importance of cybersecuity and what you can do about it.

Prevent Workplace Discrimination, teamwork, team

How to Prevent Workplace Discrimination

The advent of the #metoo movement has put sexual harassment in the forefront of workplace discrimination. However, sexual harassment is only one type of workplace discrimination that can destroy company culture and result in costly lawsuits. The key is to be mindful of all types of workplace discrimination, not just sexual harassment. Types of Workplace …

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Suspect Package, suspect mail, suspicious mail

Ramping Up Procedures to Identify Suspect Mail and Packages

During the holidays –  from mid November to Christmas Eve –  FedEx delivers about 400 million packages and UPS delivers about 700 million packages. The events of this past October proved that the mail is still a method used by terrorists to deliver bombs to unwitting victims. The reality of the situation is that the …

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Computers in Sleep Mode are Vulnerabl to Cold Boot Attacks

What You Need to Know About Cold Boot Attacks

When your workers are finished working for the day, do they shut down their computers or put them into sleep mode? If work laptops and/or PCs take a while to boot up in the morning, your employees may put them in sleep mode at the end of the day to save time accessing email and …

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