Door-to-Door Scam Artist, scams

When Deception Goes Door to Door

Fall has arrived and as homeowners start to ready their homes for the winter season, they are ripe prey for door-to-door scam artists. Scam artists know when and how to strike. They will approach you as the season changes to solicit work, but often their main objective is to gain access to your home, or …

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social media endorsements

Navigating Endorsements on Social Media Channels

The rise of on-demand TV and web browser control options is allowing consumers frustrated with TV and pop-up online ads to turn off unwanted solicitations. However, the advertising world is constantly looking for new ways to carry their message to the masses and one way that seems to work and to gain the attention of …

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Help prevent terror attacks, see something, say something

How Can You Help Thwart Terror Attacks?

The concept of terrorism was such a bizarre thing to Americans in the early 1990’s. I remember an associate of mine describing their first brush with it in a London tube station. There was an announcement about a “suspect parcel” on one of the trains. They were calmly asked to “please exit the station”. They …

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smartphones, police officers

How to Responsibly Exercise Your Right to Record the Police

As US citizens we have the power to hold our government responsible for its actions. In this digital age it’s even easier to record and share information as it is happening. The power resides in our pocket and it is called a smartphone. As a result, citizens recording law enforcement incidents is now commonplace. It …

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Timothy Dimoff, Cleveland Chief of Police

Why the RNC 2016 was a Security Success

Personal Interaction Trumped Intimidation During my week at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, OH I witnessed first-hand an unprecedented approach to security for a large event in the United States of America. Before the start of the RNC, the media outlets were bracing for violence and discord. What they got instead was much …

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