When Should an Attorney Hire a PI?

Attorneys generally appreciate any partner that can lessen their workload and help them push their client’s case along. Attorneys and Private Investigators (PIs) have a symbiotic relationship, and developing that relationship will allow each party to thrive.

Relationship between an Attorney and PI

Communication, experience, and timeliness are the most critical aspects, mainly because legal ramifications are involved. In addition, both parties need to trust each other, and that is only built over time.

It is the responsibility of the investigator to gather and obtain proof that ultimately affects the outcome of a case. A good investigator lays the foundation for success because the judge looks at their evidence as a critical discovery component.

Our Services to Attorneys

Our team is one of the largest in Ohio. We have a mixture of former law enforcement, state and federal investigators, former military intelligence, and seasoned State of Ohio licensed PIs.

Domestic lawyers commonly work with our investigators in divorce cases. These investigators can investigate the following:

  • Allegations of child abuse
  • Claims of parental substance abuse when the parent is with minor children
  • Look into marital misconduct claims
  • Verify the legitimacy of one spouse’s income and working hours
  • Check for hidden assets

This type of work can be far-ranging. For example, an asset search involves scouring various financial records, databases, and filings. It may also include talking to people and spending time on social media.

Since our PIs do this work routinely, they can tap into their extensive resources more quickly than lawyers. It is our experience that PIs have subscriptions to databases that law firms do not, and investigators spend years cultivating human sources to help them.

We can provide all aspects of any investigation, both corporate and personal. We support each investigation with a professional, written report and can give court testimony or deposition support.

Our Difference

  1. Financial Assets Searches and Discovery: We have a national reputation for successfully finding people. physical and financial assets.
  2. Social Media Discovery: We have proprietary services that enable us to search up to 200 online social media platforms that reference an individual without the subject knowing that this process has been utilized.
  3. Tracking Heirs for Probate Purposes: We have proprietary services that enable us to search and find heirs at a much higher success rate than attorneys or our competitors.

“When attorneys work with investigation firms, they need experienced and professional investigators who have a strong eye and ear to detail, support their findings with evidence and documentation, and can articulate in court if and when needed!” – Tim Dimoff, President of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.

If You Need a PI, We are Here!

When you hire us, all services are customized to meet your needs. Pricing depends on the required time, the case’s complexity, and the information you provide to initiate the investigation process.

If you are an Ohio Attorney, please give us a call at 330.255.1101 or send us an email at [email protected]. Our Standard Hours of Operation are 9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday, and we are closed on Major Holidays.