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When Should an Attorney Hire a PI?

Attorneys generally appreciate any partner that can lessen their workload and help them push their client’s case along. Attorneys and Private Investigators (PIs) have a symbiotic relationship, and developing that relationship will allow each party to thrive. Relationship between an Attorney and PI Communication, experience, and timeliness are the most critical aspects, mainly because legal …

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Wrongful Death Investigations

Suspicious or Wrongful Death Investigations

Deaths that have been officially ruled a suicide, natural or accidental may have a different cause. Original investigating agencies such as local law enforcement or a coroner/medical examiner sometimes overlook or misinterpret facts and evidence. The primary reason for these oversights is the lack of time or resources due to funding and personnel constraints. Questionable …

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When Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

Do you have a personal or legal situation that you don’t know how to address? Individuals and organizations often hire private investigators to help solve problems or clear up ambiguous situations that require the additional workforce. Anyone has the potential to be assisted by a private investigator. However, those who benefit from outside investigative services …

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