Prepare for a Crisis You May Never Have?

What’s the number one security problem in the workplace? The belief that “it can’t happen here!” No one predicted the massacre at the Boston marathon, or that a crazy shooter would shoot up a movie theater. Unfortunately, in today’s climate, ALL workplaces need to be ready to address a violent incident – whether it comes in the form of an enraged employee, a terrorist, or any other type of situation. An attacker can be found in a disturbed spouse, a mentally disturbed person, or an individual under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In fact:

  • Every year, 2 million people are victims of non-fatal violence in the workplace
  • Employee-on-employee confrontations are up tenfold in the last 8 years

Proactive Actions Can Save Lives

Prevention and preparation are your best resources in order to deal with a violent crisis in the workplace. First, be proactive with a comprehensive security assessment and employee awareness training. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Visible efforts are important, including visible uniformed personnel
  • Security awareness includes employee training, site evaluation and review
  • Report any type of early aggressive behavior
  • Become better observers/listeners
  • Establish effective access control for employers and authorized contractors
  • Provide employees/management with non-alarming, but useful security and health guidelines

Access and Train to be Ready

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. can perform Physical Security/Vulnerability Assessments of your organization and train management and staff to be ready for any type of security breach or life threatening  disaster. Don’t wait until something happens, prepare for the worst case scenario and gain peace of mind. Contact us to speak with one or our security and/or training professionals today to find out how you can be proactive and potentially save lives.