Proper Security Makes Schools Safe

Make Your School as Safe as Possible

Schools are back in full swing and administrators need to plan for a security and vulnerability assessment to ensure all students, faculty, and visitors are safe!

Physical Security with Artificial Intelligence

Preventative Physical Security with Artificial Intelligence

Home security has been around since the 1800’s. However, with the ever-changing technological world, people seek more sophisticated reassurance they are safe and/or their property is secure when they are away from home. It’s not enough to rely on a home security company or the ability to peek in via smartphone to make sure all …

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Preparation is the key to Safety, crisis

Prepare for a Crisis You May Never Have?

What’s the number one security problem in the workplace? The belief that “it can’t happen here!” No one predicted the massacre at the Boston marathon, or that a crazy shooter would shoot up a movie theater. Unfortunately, in today’s climate, ALL workplaces need to be ready to address a violent incident – whether it comes …

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security cameras, security

What Every Business Should Know About Electronic Security

Electronic security systems are only as good as their design, implementation, adoption and ongoing maintenance. They must account for the health and safety of employees as well as the value of property and equipment. According to the Electronic Security Association, organizations should also ensure that security systems provide protection against fire, vandalism and other unforeseen …

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