Signing an Employee Contract

Does Your Organization Really Want to Require Noncompete Agreements?

More and more employers are requiring their workforce to sign legally binding agreements that prevent workers from leaving the company and going to work for competitors. These types of agreements are called noncompete agreements. However, employers that require employees to sign noncompete agreements should take a moment to consider the impact these types of documents …

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Vaping at Work

How Employers Can Handle Vaping at Work

Smoking bans have been in place for decades. This has given way to alternative methods for ingesting nicotine. One of the most popular methods of late is in the form of vapor via electronic cigarettes. However, as vaping in the workplace becomes more mainstream, non-vapors are taking notice and signaling the alarm. Employers must address …

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school security, Stop It at the Door

Local Businesses Take School Security into Their Own Hands

Frustrated, angry and faced with aging school buildings, three failed school levies and a lack of state funds, local businesses in a rural township in Northern Ohio are determined to make their schools more secure and protect their students. More than fifteen businesses in the rural Crestwood School District have come together in an unprecedented …

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Suspect Package, suspect mail, suspicious mail

Ramping Up Procedures to Identify Suspect Mail and Packages

During the holidays –  from mid November to Christmas Eve –  FedEx delivers about 400 million packages and UPS delivers about 700 million packages. The events of this past October proved that the mail is still a method used by terrorists to deliver bombs to unwitting victims. The reality of the situation is that the …

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Police Body Cameras

Will Streaming Video Cameras be on a Police Officer Near You?

As you are probably aware, 52,000+ police officers are already wearing body cameras, especially in large urban areas. However, there’s now a 2.0 version of this product that allows officers to send real-time video back to the police station. It’s equipped with a built-in antenna and triggers the camera to start recording upon a command …

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