Why ALiCE Training Matters

Greg Crane, a former teacher and SWAT officer, was getting sick of constantly hearing about school shootings knowing that most of the victims were defenseless. He said that even trained police officers miss about three out of four shots in the line of duty, but civilian shooters have almost the same rate of hitting their victims because people simply do not know how to defend themselves.

Teachers and administrators have taught students and, therefore the general population, to hide under desks or in corners when an active shooting is occurring. This action makes them easy targets and greatly increases the chances of being shot.

So, Crane developed training to teach everyone, even kindergartners, what they can do in these life and death situations. He named the program ALiCE which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. 


ALICE training has been able to save a lot of lives since it has been in place. In one school that didn’t have the training, there were twelve defenseless students that were killed in one room and eight in another. In a school where the students barricaded the door, however, no student was killed. There are strength and numbers, and if thirty kids and screaming and throwing school supplies at the shooter, that same shooter is more likely to miss their target. Fighting back should be the last resort, but when someone has a gun, students should know how to protect themselves.


ALICE training was also designed for workplace environments.  It is critical for an employer to have an emergency response plan so that employees are not at risk. Workplace violence is becoming more prevalent now, and employers need to prepare employees for these life and death situations.

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