Employee Retention: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The Relationship Between Employee and Supervisor is Key

Employees ask themselves this question every day they work. How do they decide? What’s the strongest determining factor in their decision?Research says it’s the relationship between the employee and the employee’s immediate supervisor. And this condition applies to all levels of the employer organization, not just front-line employees. The issue runs deep. When workers look at their supervisors, all sorts of things come to mind. Let’s explore some of them.

First, is the supervisor a good person? Really. People want to work for someone they can respect and, to some extent, admire. Is the supervisor ethical, knowledgeable, sincere in wanting to get things done and get them done right. The supervisor should be seen as much more than merely a tool of management, but even as a fine human being-someone who can be respected and followed. Today, people want to know something about their bosses-what they do outside of work, about their families, backgrounds and experience, and similar personal things. The relationships between employees and their supervisors have become more than just superior-subordinate contracts. It’s now human-to-human.

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