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Employee Recognition and Rewards Should Not be Treated Equally

There is no doubt that recognition and reward programs make employees feel appreciated, spur innovation and give workers the incentive to put in the extra effort needed at work from time to time. However, each employee is different in how they wish to be recognized. Maritz determined there are six recognition awards categories most employees …

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Keeping Key Employees through The Great Resignation

As you are aware, we are in a period of The Great Resignation — but do you know why? Learn more about what every business can do to keep their stars and develop new ones!

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Employee Assistance Programs are Needed Now More Than Ever

Employee Assistance Programs have come a long way since their inception in the 1950s. Find out why they are underutilized, what’s new with them, and how to encourage employees to take advantage of this complementary health service.

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How to Prevent Workplace Discrimination

The advent of the #metoo movement has put sexual harassment in the forefront of workplace discrimination. However, sexual harassment is only one type of workplace discrimination that can destroy company culture and result in costly lawsuits. The key is to be mindful of all types of workplace discrimination, not just sexual harassment. Types of Workplace …

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Vaping at Work

How Employers Can Handle Vaping at Work

Smoking bans have been in place for decades. This has given way to alternative methods for ingesting nicotine. One of the most popular methods of late is in the form of vapor via electronic cigarettes. However, as vaping in the workplace becomes more mainstream, non-vapors are taking notice and signaling the alarm. Employers must address …

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