Emergency Action Plan, EAP, active shooter, hostile work environment

Does Your Organization Have an Emergency Action Plan?

Speaking up and protesting are important actions to take to change laws and stop violence against the innocent in America today. However, changes to laws and/or organizational stances on guns and/or what to do to help people in need before they are pushed to violence will take time. Therefore, to prevent further loss of life …

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Aggressive Behavior Prevention, large event

Aggressive Behavior Prevention for Special Events

Planning a special event or meeting has gotten more complicated in recent years. Not only do organizations have to ensure the logistics and content provided during the event is of value to the audience, they must consider the safety all of attendees. Why? Because aggressive behavior turning into violence has become more and more commonplace. …

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Critical Trauma in the Workplace Caused by Accident and/or Acts of Violence

What to Do When There is Critical Trauma in the Workplace

Active shooter, workplace violence, industrial accidents, random criminal violence, the unexpected need for self-defense — these are the main reasons why the American worker must be prepared for critical trauma situations in the workplace. When it comes to minimizing injury and in some cases preventing death, the mindset of “IF this happens” needs to be …

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Help prevent terror attacks, see something, say something

How Can You Help Thwart Terror Attacks?

The concept of terrorism was such a bizarre thing to Americans in the early 1990’s. I remember an associate of mine describing their first brush with it in a London tube station. There was an announcement about a “suspect parcel” on one of the trains. They were calmly asked to “please exit the station”. They …

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