Training: Aggressive Behavior/Active Shooter Response

Directly dealing with an aggressive or angry individual can be counterproductive to your employees. Even worse, aggressive behavior can lead to violence. We live in a dangerous world and while we can’t eliminate every threat, we can boost our ability to recognize and prevent violence. As a business owner, manager, or employee this information and these skills are paramount to saving lives, including your own.

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. helps organizations create and maintain a safe work environment through our Aggressive Behavior/Active Shooter Response Training. Learn how to:

  • Determine whether your physical property has adequate security in place
  • Quickly identify the warning signs of aggressive behavior
  • Recognize common active shooter characteristics
  • Increase your personal safety in your workplace...prevention, recognition, response!

In any aggressive behavior/active shooter situation, the best policy is always prevention. Contact us to speak with one of our training professionals to schedule training for your organization today!

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