Training: Aggressive Behavior and Active Shooter Response

Directly dealing with an angry individual can be counterproductive to your employees. Even worse, this behavior can lead to violence. We live in a dangerous world, and while we can’t eliminate every threat, we can boost our ability to recognize and prevent abuse. As a business owner, manager, or employee, this information and these skills are paramount to saving lives, including your own.

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. helps organizations create and maintain a safe work environment through our Aggressive Behavior and Active Shooter Response Training. Learn how to:

  • Determine whether your physical property has adequate security in place
  • Quickly identify the warning signs of aggressive behavior.
  • Recognize common active shooter characteristics
  • Increase your safety in your workplace through prevention, recognition, response
  • Prepare for violence at special events

“The good news is there are fairly inexpensive and even no-cost ways to better ensure the safety of your employees, customers, visitors and vendors. I recommend an objective physical analysis of the workplace. A professional risk assessment usually includes a walk-through of the business as well as interviews with employees. You can then formalize a 1-3 year plan and budget for small and large improvements to strengthen security and reduce vulnerability and risk. A few easy to implement safety features include:

  • Control the flow of all people in and out of buildings. Limit the amount of doors utilized for normal exit and entrance to your business.
  • Secure the lobby or entrance area and require visitors to sign in and out.
  • Control external access electronically and limit access to crucial areas of your business.
  • Add cameras and improve lighting.

“Companies are also realizing the need for awareness and training in workplace violence issues. Training to combat bullying, deal with difficult persons, and diffuse dangerous situations can be crucial in safeguarding your business.” — Timothy Dimoff

The best policy is always to prevent aggressive behavior or active shooter situations. Contact us to speak with one of our training professionals to schedule in-person or online training for your organization today!