Training: Aggressive Behavior Awareness at Special Events

Police Officers use awareness and presence techniques to stay safe on the streets. Now you can learn how to use some of these same techniques to identify and respond to aggressive behavior to increase your personal safety. 

SACS Consulting & Investigative, Inc.'s Aggressive Behavior Awareness at Special Events Training was developed and is taught by former law enforcement trainers who specialize in defusing and dealing with difficult people. Learn from the experts with first-hand knowledge to:

  • Identify potential groups to watch (i.e. protest groups, domestic terrorists, copy cat) 
  • Cover the seven points of "Security Awareness" (i.e. traffic/parking, medical services, crowd control) 
  • How to identify your vulnerabilities
  • How to ensure safety for attendees during the event

Be as prepared as possible for your next special event by learning a way of thinking and behaving that helps you de-escalate and/or prevent becoming a target of aggressive behavior. Call us to schedule your Aggressive Behavior Awareness at Special Events Training with one of our training specialists today!

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