Microchipping Employees

Microchipping Employees –  Good Idea or Scary Idea?

Ever begin the workday on the wrong foot by misplacing your keycard and being forced to wait outside the building until a coworker shows up to let you in? Not only is it inconvenient for you, it is also a security breach for your company! Solution, never lose your keycard again because it will always …

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Security During Strikes, employees go on strike

Keeping Your Company Secure When Employees Go on Strike

You, your management team, and your employees have been to collective bargaining and mediation, but the meetings have not been fruitful. You are all frustrated with the outcome and it is looking like a strike is imminent. All it is going to take is a vote by the union to seal the deal. It is …

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Timothy Dimoff, Cleveland Chief of Police

Why the RNC 2016 was a Security Success

Personal Interaction Trumped Intimidation During my week at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, OH I witnessed first-hand an unprecedented approach to security for a large event in the United States of America. Before the start of the RNC, the media outlets were bracing for violence and discord. What they got instead was much …

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