School Security Enhancements

Ensure Student, Faculty and Visitor Safety with School Security Enhancements

With fall soon approaching, U.S. school district officials all over the country can’t help but reflect on their school’s readiness to keep students safe throughout the upcoming academic year. As past active shooter incidents have shown, there is much need for safety improvements. To address the concerns of teachers, staff, students and parents, it’s important …

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Aggressive Behavior Prevention, large event

Aggressive Behavior Prevention for Special Events

Planning a special event or meeting has gotten more complicated in recent years. Not only do organizations have to ensure the logistics and content provided during the event is of value to the audience, they must consider the safety all of attendees. Why? Because aggressive behavior turning into violence has become more and more commonplace. …

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security cameras, security

What Every Business Should Know About Electronic Security

Electronic security systems are only as good as their design, implementation, adoption and ongoing maintenance. They must account for the health and safety of employees as well as the value of property and equipment. According to the Electronic Security Association, organizations should also ensure that security systems provide protection against fire, vandalism and other unforeseen …

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