Social Media Security Tips

Always think about safety and security FIRST! The use of social media is like letting someone into your personal and professional “house”. It needs vigilant safeguarding and protection. Think carefully about:

  • Who would you let into your house?
  • When would you let them into your house?
  • How would you secure your house?
  • Would you let strangers in your house?
  • What information are you comfortable sharing?

Your life may depend on this. It is NOT just about fun and fame!

  1. Always utilize the security and privacy tools available on each social network site.
  2. Never go alone to have a first in-person meeting with anyone you have met through a social network site. Always take a friend along to the first meeting!
  3. If you are going to meet someone in person you met through a social network always meet them in a public place such as a coffee shop, even if you have a friend with you. Never meet in a park, private room, or other secluded places. And always let someone else know where you are going and with whom you are meeting.
  4. Anything you post on a social network is public information and it is there forever! If you would not put it on national TV news, do not post it on a social website.
  5. Parents need to have a frank discussion with their children regarding the proper and safe use of social networks. The younger the child, the sooner and more often these discussions take place, the better it is!
  6. Never provide details of your personal information such as your home address, full date of birth, social security number, or banking information. You may be setting yourself up for identity theft or worse—-physical harm!
  7. Limit the information you post regarding details of your daily/weekly schedule. Putting this information out there may be an invitation to criminals who are looking for opportunities for stalking and other related harassment, physical attacks, and other crimes.
  8. Remember that your personal profile and information, or any photos emailed or posted on your personal social network pages stay there forever. This information can and will affect your present and/or future professional employment as well as your personal and professional reputation.
  9. If you are not completely comfortable with any information you are about to post on your social media pages or put into an email – DO NOT post it or send it!
  10. Report suspicious behavior to the security division of the social network sites, and to other authorities such as local police departments, the federal trade commission, and the FBI.

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