Local Businesses Take School Security into Their Own Hands

Frustrated, angry and faced with aging school buildings, three failed school levies and a lack of state funds, local businesses in a rural township in Northern Ohio are determined to make their schools more secure and protect their students. More than fifteen businesses in the rural Crestwood School District have come together in an unprecedented grassroots movement to raise money to secure and ready the schools in an effort to protect their children from possible active shooters and other threats. Donations have ranged from $250 up to over $10,000 per business. All funds from this grassroots movement are donated to the school district and put into a special account earmarked specifically for school security upgrades.

The Crestwood School District comprises of Mantua Village, Mantua Township, Shalersville Township, Hiram Village and Hiram Township. Spurred into action by the recent Parkland School shootings and two failed school levies, Larry and Joe Kotkowski, owners of Lakeside Sand & Gravel, Inc. started to raise money on their own. Soon, many other businesses joined in and now, this small rural area is making sure that their students are going to be as safe as possible in school.

SACS Consulting has donated over $6,000 to the project and has been hired to conduct a complete security assessment of all the school buildings in the Crestwood District, many of which date back to the 1950’s. There are two lower schools, one middle school and one high school in the district serving 1750 students.

This is a fund-raising model that can be utilized in many areas of the country as voters are unable or unwilling to pass levies for school security. As school shootings are unfortunately a part of our society, these security improvements, along with other measures, will help to keep our students safe.

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