Equifax Security Breach, cyber attack, data breach

Worried about the Equifax Breach?

In early September 2017, one of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, announced a major data breach which compromised the personal information (names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers and dates of birth) of 143 million Americans. According to the FTC, the breach lasted from mid-May through July of this year. Find Out More …

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Identity Theft in the Workplace

Workplace Negligence Fuels Identity Theft Epidemic

What is the fastest growing crime in America? Identity theft. In fact, one out of twenty-five adults will become a victim of identity theft. Why? Today, almost every bit of information related to an individual is entered into a computer system and accessible one way or another via the Internet. As more and more transactions …

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Identity Theft, Social Security, Credit Cards

Public Enemy Number 1 is Identity Theft

By Craig Freeman, national identity theft consultant and trainer There are 6 Types of Identity Theft Have you ever asked yourself: “Why is identity theft such an out-of-control issue today?” The reason is the anonymity and the many faucets of identity theft.  Americans are not aware of the six types of identity theft.  Most people …

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Door-to-Door Scam Artist, scams

When Deception Goes Door to Door

Fall has arrived and as homeowners start to ready their homes for the winter season, they are ripe prey for door-to-door scam artists. Scam artists know when and how to strike. They will approach you as the season changes to solicit work, but often their main objective is to gain access to your home, or …

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