Training: Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can occur anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Unfortunately, these problems can cause workers to disengage. It is estimated that workplace bullying contributes to $180 million per year in lost time and productivity! If you aren’t prepared, you may notice an increase in undesired turnover in various departments, under specific managers, and within certain shifts.

We can teach your organization how to handle human aggression. Learn how to:

  • Learn what causes it
  • Identify the definition and types of bullies.
  • Learn a proactive approach to preventing it from happening in the first place

Supervisors learn:

  • Identify your duty to protect employees and visitors.
  • Identifying and preventing workplace bullying
  • Learn the process for terminating a bullying
  • Bullying prevention and reporting
  • Psychology of workplace bullies
  • Maintaining a positive culture after bullying.