Training: Proper Use of Force Training for Law Enforcement and Private Security

At SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., we recognize that the actions of law enforcement and private security personnel significantly influence the outcomes of their interactions. The use of force must be proportional and appropriate to the situation at hand and the level of resistance encountered. Our comprehensive training program on the Parameters to Determine Proper Use of Force equips officers and security personnel with essential decision-making skills and knowledge to ensure their actions are effective and legally compliant.

Overall, de-escalation is associated with a 28 percent reduction in uses-of-force, a 26 percent reduction in citizen injuries, and a 36 percent reduction in officer injuries.

Key Training Components

  • Understand pivotal court cases that have shaped the use of force regulations.
  • Learn to determine what constitutes reasonable and objective force under various circumstances.
  • Explore the critical factors to consider when deciding the level of force necessary.
  • Identify different levels of resistance and appropriate responses to each.
  • Define the parameters within which deadly force may be considered permissible.
  • Gain insight into the use of force continuum and its application in real scenarios.
  • Master strategies to de-escalate potentially volatile situations effectively.
  • Explore less lethal options and their appropriate uses to minimize harm and risk.

Our Commitment to De-escalation

Deescalation is a cornerstone of our training philosophy. Our skilled trainers teach methods to intervene calmly and early, often resolving situations so smoothly that bystanders remain unaware of the potential for conflict. This approach prevents escalations, protects the community, and preserves public trust.

Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and security. They bring real-world experiences into the classroom, providing relatable and practical insights.

We provide security services to businesses and individuals in Ohio, focusing on discretion, effectiveness, and tact. Our guards and escorts are not only trained in tactical responses but also the nuanced skills of communication and conduct.

De-escalation training teaches to use time, distance, and cover to gain control of potentially violent situations. De-escalation training is intended to help resolve encounters with less force and increase officer safety.

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