Training: Observation, Documentation and Confrontation

Did you know that more than one half of the workforce in the United States claim they could double their efficiency “if they wanted to”? This nonchalant attitude of our workforce is reason enough for an organization to have proper observation, documentation and confrontation of their employees. If an incident of poor work performance is not documented, then it didn’t really happen in the eyes of the law. It becomes a matter of he said/she said. In 64% of wrongful termination suits tried in front of a jury, former employees win.

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. teaches managers to properly observe, document, and confront by:

  • Observing employee performance
  • Documenting when work performance is not meeting expectations
  • Confronting employees while containing potentially violent reactions.

Training your management team helps to protect your organization against potential litigation in terminations. Contact us to schedule training with one of training professionals today!