Human Resource Policies: Drug Free Workplace

Employers cannot ignore substance abuse issues in the workplace. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 10% of all full-time employees have had a substance abuse disorder incident in the past year. In addition, almost 9% have used illegal drugs or have heavily abused alcohol in the past month.

Substance abuse issues in the workplace can cause increasing absences, injuries, illness rates, and workers’ compensation costs because of drug and alcohol use. Substance abuse issues can also lower productivity and employee morale. A drug-free workplace program can help improve workplace safety and health in businesses of all sizes and industries.

Substance free workplace programs send a strong message and encourage employees to seek assistance if they struggle with substance abuse.

What should an effective workplace policy contain? This should include a statement such as, “The use, possession, transfer or sale of illegal drugs by employees in the workplace is prohibited.” Explain the consequences of violating the policy. These may include discipline up to and including termination and/or referral for assistance. All employees and managers should be aware of any company’s substance abuse policy from their initial interview, onboarding process, and employment.

Five Components of a Drug Free Workplace Program

  1. Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  2. Supervisor Training
  3. Employee Education
  4. Employee Assistance Program
  5. Drug Testing

We can help your organization address employee substance abuse by creating an HR Policy for a Drug-Free Workplace. In addition, we will help you determine your overall approach to the situation, such as a zero-tolerance policy or allowing for a rehabilitation opportunity after the first positive test.

Through a clearly stated HR Policy for a Drug-Free Workplace, your organizational stance will be clearly stated to avoid legal repercussions. Contact us to speak with one of our HR Policies specialists today!