Tailgating: A Bigger Risk Than You Know

The most common physical security breach a company can have is when well-meaning workers let individuals they do not know into your building. Often the person is dressed in the same fashion as other employees or is in a security or delivery person uniform — the unknown person tags along into secure entrances, doorways, or turnstiles.

A recent survey of 185 US and Canadian security personnel conducted by Boon Edam concluded:

  • 78% of respondents said they take an active stance on tailgating after something happens within the company
  • 77% believe a combination of guards, barriers, and access control points curtail tailgating
  • 69% think tailgating is at the same level it was a year ago or on the rise due to lack of training and relying on an employee honor system and
  • 64% are not thoroughly tracking if tailgating is happening within their company

What Most Organizations are Doing to Curb Tailgating

According to the same survey of enterprise security executives, they use one or more methods to control access into the building:

  • 40% have access control systems (i.e., swiping or scanning your badge, reading your fingerprint)
  • 26% employ security guards
  • 10% have security cameras and
  • 10% use turnstiles

The Monetary Cost of One Infraction

71% of respondents reported that their company is very likely or likely to experience a data breach due to tailgating.

According to The Infrastructure Security and Resilience (ISR) Forum, 41% of security executives estimate that one tailgating incident gone wrong can cost an organization between $500,000 to $2 million.

Other Tailgating Risks

Letting the wrong person into your building can have a devastating impact on your business in different ways. Here are four substantial reasons why you want to stop tailgating. 

First, this person might want to harm your employees. A tailgater maybe someone looking to injure an ex-spouse, family member, or friend that works at your corporation.

 Second, they could steal from you. Depending on where you work, it might be supplies, raw materials, or computers they are after. Many tailgaters take hard drives and servers from a company in hopes of hacking into the data.

Third, the media could eavesdrop on sensitive conversations or record confidential procedures once they get in. Not the mainstream media, more like freelance reporters who are looking to sell their story to the highest bidder.

 Fourth, competitors will go through the trash, file cabinets, and computers to learn more about what product launches your company has planned. Any leak of this information can be a PR disaster. Or, they might infect your network with malware, leaving your company disabled for days and even weeks.

Even with This, You May Still have a House Divided

Employees don’t see a big deal with tailgating. 80% believe the actual cost of tailgating is insignificant. Where security personnel thinks tailgating needs to stop ASAP.

Bottom line: Any level of tailgating makes you, your employees, and the company vulnerable. Now is the time to do something…before it’s too late.

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