Training: Critical Elements of Physical & Cyber Security

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Can anyone off the street walk into your business unhindered or questioned? What about your cyber security? Within the last 2 years, 60% of companies have had a cyber security breach.  Don't wait until disaster happens, protect your staff on all fronts with proper security measures.

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.'s Critical Elements of Physical & Cyber Security training discusses how to guide your company against today's current threats to security; both the physical and the numerous digital platforms that are utilized and present challenges for your employees on a daily basis . 

  • Identify the three physical levels of  security that need to be assessed in order to maximize your security posture for your facility and your employees
  • The importance of when and how to conduct a dual security assessment
  • Understand physical security vulnerabilities and implementation of  solutions
  • Identify the daily weaknesses that can enable people to hack your email, computers and social media and solutions
  • Learn how your greatest security asset is each and every employee becoming proactive in your security processes daily

Don't wait until after disaster strikes! Call us to speak with one our training professionals to schedule training for your organization today.

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