Human Resource Policies: Social Media / Internet

Is your organization "Social Media Secure"? Social media/internet access provides organizations with powerful and easy to use tools to target clients anywhere in the world. Social media is the fastest growing segment of business e-marketing. While every organization should be using social media/internet, it is essential to understand how to use it professionally and safely.

The main reason why it is so important is due to the very nature of social media/internet; it happens in real-time. You can try to "delete" a social posting or an email, but lets face it, nothing really goes away in a world with "screen capture" and "email archiving". Prevention is the key. The best tactic an organization can use to ensure they are covered, is to have clear HR policies for the use of social media channels and any communication over the internet. This will help prevent any mishaps, especially:

  • Branding and reputation issues
  • Corporate security breaches
  • Confidentiality problems
  • Lost productivity

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. can help keep your organization, brand and employees safe through clearly defined HR Policies for Social Media/Internet. Contact us to speak with one of our HR Policies specialists to help circumvent disaster for this real-time threat.

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