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How to Investigate Your Driving Record in Ohio for Free

By Darrin Dimoff, attorney and owner of Dimoff Law LLC

Ways to Investigate an OH Driving Record

There may be various reasons why you want to investigate your driving record.  Some of them include curiosity, forgetfulness of past traffic event details, for legal purposes, insurance reasons, etc.  One major question everyone is concerned about is calculating the number of points on a driving record from a past traffic event.  If you have paperwork from your traffic event (e.g., ticket, court documents, etc.), you can review Ohio Revised Code §4510.036 to determine your points assessed (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4510.036).  This is written in statutory language and designed for interpretation by attorneys.

Or you can go online to the Ohio DMV https://services.dps.ohio.gov/BMVOnlineServices/DL/Abstract) to instantly request a free “Unofficial Driver Abstract”.  This online report is written in plain English and includes the following information in the driver abstract:

  • License Status
  • Endorsements
  • Restrictions
  • Convictions
  • Accidents

Other pertinent details include dates of an event, court, county, case number, offense, and points on your record where applicable.

Driver Abstract Contains Limited Information

It should be noted that the abstract report is limited to a span of a two-year period and is deemed “unofficial” by the Ohio DMV.  The driver abstract is designed for personal use and is not a substitute for a full driver record or an official report.  However, many times the information contained in a driver abstract is all that is necessary if you are filling out a form or application that requires some additional information about your driving record.  Moreover, if your purpose is for calculating points on your record, this limited information can be very useful because an accumulation of points equal to twelve or more within a two-year period will result in suspension of your driving privileges and other imposed requirements.

Have Additional Questions About Traffic Related Legal Issues?

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