Does Punishment or Positivity Influence Workforce Productivity?

Is it true that you can be pushed into success? That the constant fear of your manager will lead to maximum productivity and longevity at the company?

Actually, the opposite it quite true. According to the American Psychological Association, workplaces that are pressure cookers:

  • Have 50% greater health care expenses
  • Experience 60-80% of more workplace accidents and
  • Schedule 80% more doctor visits than their non-stressful counterpoints.

Stress or high expectations actually cause workers to disengage. Disengaged workers have:

  • 37% higher absenteeism
  • 49% more accidents and
  • 60% more errors on the job than engaged workers.

In addition, increased stress leads to more turnover. The Center for American Progress estimates that replacing an employee costs about 20% of that person’s salary.

So how can you stop growing health care expenses, absenteeism and turnover? Simply this: create a positive work environment for you and your employees.

The truth of the matter is you know a positive environment when you see one. It has a certain vibe; employees smile and they work hard because they want to, not because someone forced them to.

The 5 Characteristics of a Positive Work Culture

  • Everyone actually cares and is interested in each other.
    A good work environment has the feelings of inclusion, humility and encouragement. It is more about celebrating similarities rather than focusing in on differences.Once a month celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. For the price of a cake and coffee, have employees can come together and share their celebrations.
  • The team avoids placing blame and forgives mistakes.
    There is no throwing each other under the bus or trying to place the blame on the CEO or another department. And when someone says “I’m sorry” their apology is accepted and the manager or team member moves on.
  • Treat each other with respect, trust and integrity.
    Get to know each other personally. If you manage 10 people, spend time with each of them independently of the team. Learn about their character makeup and what drive them to perform. The answers might surprise and enlighten you.Have an open-door policy. This will allow individuals to come to you for help and guidance when they are experiencing negative things in the workplace.
  • Be transparent.
    If things are good, let employees know who is responsible for it. Give out gift cards and/or give your team a half-day paid vacation on a Friday afternoon. If things are not good or the company is falling on hard times, let the team know this as well. Don’t let office rumors start or gossip happen.
  • Create a “happy” environment.
    According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage: Seven Principles of Postive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work, happy employees:

    • Increase work accuracy by 19%
    • Raise productivity by 31% and
    • Increase sales by 37%

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services Can Help

At SACS Consulting, we can provide you with positive company culture training where employees and managers can learn to identify and implement proven methodologies that help create, enrich and repair the work place culture. We are happy to train the trainer if that is an appropriate option for your organization.

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