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How and Why Human and Civil Rights Differ

Human rights and civil rights co-exist in our society and were created to protect every person throughout the world.

Human Rights

Human rights come from the very fact that everyone is human. No government, institution, or person can deny them of these rights. Some basic rights include the right to:

  • life
  • education
  • a fair trial
  • protection from torture and
  • freedom of expression.

These human rights apply to any person on earth regardless of nationality. To learn more about how to help with human rights, go the Human Rights Day website and know that Human Rights Day is December 10, 2015.

Civil Rights

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc. Civil rights, on the other hand, are rights that a person experiences due to their citizenship. These rights are illustrated and protected through a country’s laws, constitutions, policies and procedures. Civil rights can include:

  • protection from discrimination
  • free speech and
  • the right against self-incrimination.

These sets of rights are an agreement between the nation and the individual, and it is understood that the government will protect and practice these rights for all citizens of that country.


Both human and civil rights are not unconditional and can have restrictions that apply. For example, a person has a right to freedom but if they have committed a crime they lose this freedom when they go to jail or prison. The freedom of expression can also be limited if they are citing racial hatred. These restrictions are necessary in order to protect the rights of others in the community.

Both Rights Can Co-Exist

Human and civil rights can co-exist and bleed together, since they are both created to protect people and give them their basic human needs. Laws may vary from country to country, but human rights are the bare minimum of what a person deserves as a human. Behind both sets of rights are principles that allow people to live freely with dignity, equality, and fairness. They allow people to create independent lives for themselves and have a respect for people within the community and for their rights.

Unfortunately, there are basic human rights that some countries don’t recognize as civil, and until governments unite the two sets, there will still be inequality and hardship in this world.

SACS Consulting Understands Your Rights

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