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Who Does Your Attorney Call When They Need Help?

Attorneys appreciate and are attracted to any service that can lessen their workload and make them look great in front of their client. We have found that many attorneys are frustrated with the fact that it is hard to find professional and experienced private investigators. It is even more difficult to find organizations that have a large investigative team.  Attorneys and private investigators have a symbiotic relationship and developing that relationship will allow each party to thrive.

Relationship between Attorney and Private Investigator

In this cohesive relationship both parties share a common interest: to move the client’s case forward. Communication is the most important aspect especially because there are legal ramifications involved. The second most vital aspect of this relationship is trust. Both parties need to trust each other in order to have a successful partnership.

Attorneys and private investigators work independently playing different roles. They need to work together for the common interest of their client, while respecting each other’s boundaries.

It is the responsibility of the investigator to gather and obtain proof that ultimately can change the outcome of a case. A good investigator lays the foundation for success because the judge looks at their evidence as a key component of discovery.

SACS Services to Attorneys

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.  and its team is one of the largest in Ohio comprised of former law enforcement, former state and federal investigators, former military intelligence and seasoned State of Ohio Licensed private investigators with a combined experienced of over 300 years.

We can provide all aspects of any type of investigation; both corporate and personal. We support each investigation with a professional, written report and can support the investigation and report with professional court testimony or deposition support.

When you hire SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc., all services are customized to meet the needs of the client and pricing is dependent on the amount of time utilized and amount of information provided to initiate the investigation process.

The SACS Consulting Difference

  1. Financial Assets Searches and Discovery: for the larger amounts from $10,000 to million range or higher, we are #1 in the country in finding people and/or physical/financial assets. Our national rate of success is 4 times better than the national average of other firms.
  2. Social Network Discovery Service: We have proprietary services that enable us to search over 200 social networks that reference an individual without the subject knowing that this process has been utilized.
  3. Tracking Heirs For Probate Purposes: We have proprietary services that enable us to search and find, at a much higher success rate the heirs involved in Probate Cases.
  4. Timothy Dimoff, Founder and President: Is a Nationally Recognized Security, Private Investigator, Management Trainer and Human Resource Court Expert that has testified across the U.S. for over 20 years.
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