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More Than Three-Quarters of Mobile Apps Would Fail Basic Security Testing, Says Gartner

FierceMobileIT (07/10/14) Donovan, Fred

More than 75 percent three-quarters of mobile applications would fail basic security testing, according to a Gartner report on the mobile application security testing services offered by vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Veracode, and WhiteHat Security. Gartner says such services test applications for potential coding, design, packaging, and deployment vulnerabilities, as well as functions that could conflict with enterprise security policies, such as accessing corporate calendar or contact lists, or transmitting corporate data to external systems. As for the app testing services themselves, Gartner found those offered by HP, IBM, Veracode, and WhiteHat Security to be the best, though each had strengths and deficiencies that balanced each other out. For example, the report found that HP’s mobile app security testing product does not cover “all spectrums of features when it comes to behavioral analysis, proactive testing, MDM [mobile device management] integration and commercial app reputation ratings.” Meanwhile, IBM’s mobile offering “does not include behavioral analysis, commercial application ratings and proactive testing,” Gartner says. “However, integration with IBM MDM Fiberlink is planned.” The report notes effective tools to detect potentially vulnerable Web, cloud, and mobile apps are needed are needed to ensure security and help prevent data breaches.

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