Teen Driving Statistics, Teen Drivers

Teen Driving Statistics

Teen Driving Statistics…Must Know!

  • Speed-related crashes account for 44% of fatalities among 15-20 year olds.
  • Sixteen-year old drivers have crash rates that are three times greater than 17-year-olds and five times greater than 18-year-olds.
  • Drunk driving causes one in every four fatal teen crashes.
  • Talking on a cell phone, messing with radio and other distractions while driving gives you the reaction time of a 70-year-old.
  • Half the teens that died in car crashed were killed between 3 PM and Midnight.
  • The presence of one additional more teen in the car doubles the chance of a fatal crash.
  • Using the lap/shoulder belts can reduce the risk of dying in a car crash by 45%.
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