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Four Recent Trends in Workplace Violence

Security experts have identified four trends that contribute to workplace violence:

  • Spillover from violence at home
  • Improper handling of stressful events
  • Inefficient employee protection programs
  • Lack of appropriate security technology

In most cases, an employee might not feel comfortable talking with a boss about an abusive situation at home, so employers should offer sexual harassment and violence prevention programs. Some offices have good sexual harassment policies in place but do little to address yelling, shouting, or bullying behavior. Instead, the new trend for employers is to implement workplace policies that encourage physical, mental, and emotional well-being BEFORE problems arise.

Finally, protective technologies such as surveillance cameras, access checkpoints, and two-way panic buttons can go a long way toward helping employees. Someone who might hesitate to hit a 9-1-1 panic button but would use a two-way panic button with a “send assistance” option could help an employee out of a tense situation.

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