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Everyone Can Relate to Work Place Violence Issues

Liferage is a phrase coined by Mr. Tim Dimoff of SACS Consulting and Investigative Services.   It’s meant to describe, in broad terms, the anger and frustration that every American feels towards a world they really believe is spinning out of their control. Unfortunately, it’s also the way many of us feel everyday.

We have all heard stories about employees killed while at work.  However, you may not know the scope of the problem.  The last three years averaged close to 600 workplace fatalities PER YEAR as a result of violence.  This includes worker-on -worker violence, harassment and bullying.  Approximately 18% of all reported violent crimes happen in the workplace.

Don’t let a “Liferage” moment allow enraged employees to turn your good company culture into a bad hostile working environment.   The ones who suffer most when this happens are your “good employees”.  They will often find it difficult to be productive under those circumstances.

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc.

SACS Consulting provides polices and training to identify and remove possible threats to a company’s stability.  Whether the problem already exists or you just want to be a pro-active force at your company, call us now for trainings, investigations or to order copies of Tim Dimoff’s book, LIFERAGE.

Do what you can NOW to curb the problem LATER!

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