Employee Rewards

Employee Rewards: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc., is available to customize this type of training for your HR staff, managers, and employees to focus on these problems. Setting up training means focusing your employees’ efforts and creating more productivity and savings. More than half (55%) of employees say that recognition for their work affects their performance. Still, a recent poll by Maritz suggests that one type of employee recognition will not satisfy everyone.

The St. Louis-based consultant categorized workers into six categories, along the lines of what types of recognition awards they respond to:

  • Award Seekers (22%): respond to awards with some value, such as gift cards and travel awards. This group tends to be younger, and 58% are female.
  • Nesters (20%): respond best to rewards that allow them to spend more time at home, such as flexible scheduling and dinners out with their family. This group tends to be older, and 54% are male.
  • Bottom Liners (19%): only concerned with the monetary value of rewards and place minimal emphasis on receiving verbal or written praise. For instance, they respond best to cash bonuses or cumulative award points programs. In addition, this group typically has high job dissatisfaction, and 59% are female.
  • Freedom Yearners (17%): Most interested in rewards that give them flexibility, such as the freedom to choose how to achieve their goals, the ability to choose interesting and challenging projects, and opportunities to attend conferences. This group had the highest proportion of people making over $100,000 (22%). Fifty-five percent were at least 45 years old, and 55% were male.
  • Praise Cravers (16%): They have a greater desire to have their work acknowledged and would prefer verbal, written, or formal praise from managers or informal recognition by peers. This group tends to be 54% male.

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