Discrimination Charges Up in Fiscal Year 2002

According to information released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the number of age, religion and national origin discrimination charges filed in fiscal year 2002 increased 14.5%, 21% and 13%, respectively, compared to 2001, while the average time to process a charge declined.

The number of private sector charges for the year increased to 84,442, up 4.5% from the previous year. The average time to process a private sector charge declined to 171 days, down 6% from FY 2001. The EEOC resolved 7,858 charges using its voluntary mediation program, in an average time of 82 days-less than half the time it takes through the administrative process.

The EEOC reports that it recovered a record total of $310.5 million in monetary benefits for charging parties through settlements, conciliation, mediation, and litigation.

The total charge filings break down as follows:

  • 29,910 alleged race discrimination (up 3.5% from FY 2001)
  • 25,536 alleged sex/gender discrimination (up 1.6% from FY 2001)
  • 22,768 alleged retaliation (up 2% from FY 2001)
  • 19,921 alleged age discrimination (up 14.5% from FY 2001)
  • 15,964 alleged disability discrimination (down 3% from FY 2001)
  • 9,046 alleged national origin discrimination (up 13% from FY 2001)
  • 2,572 alleged religious discrimination (up 21% from FY 2001)
  • 1,256 alleged Equal Pay Act violations (unchanged from FY 2001)

(Note: Individuals may allege multiple types of discrimination in one charge filing.)

EEOC Chair Cari M. Dominguez said that the EEOC was “operating at the most efficient levels in the Commission

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